Mahuemolen Aduke Odibo was a young vibrant girl , whose passion for the arts knew no bounds , Emolen believed that the world was enough to accommodate the realization of multiple dreams and aspirations and that principle endeared her into being the creative mind behind ‘ Mahuemolen Sazbag” and ‘ Mahuemolen Barrister’s bag” . She was a law student and an aspirant of the Nigerian bar until her demise. Mahuemolen, was indeed multi talented as she was both a science and an art student, having possessed both o' level in both arts and science subjects. No doubt in primary 3 at age 8 , she already had her work of poetry titled " WHO HAS SEEN THE CREATOR"  published in the magazine during the 40th anniversary of Saint Catherine Model School Surulere.

As a law student her life revolved round doing the best she could to impact the legal world and her community at large, as a result she was a member of societies such as; The Tax club, UNILAG press club, NAESS, SCM. One of her outstanding contributions to arts and culture was a poem solely written by  her titled “ Back  to the root” which was published in “IRAWO” collection of poems and many other articles for the press club of which one is titled ' The legal affairs'. Some of her unpublished works includes;

1. The Edo people

2.The 21st Century Woman

3.I knew a boy once.

4. Remember 

5 .living with meaning

6.The beauty of a woman

7.Happiness is a fleeting emotion

8. Tired of being tired

9. Transitions 

10. The Tax Anthem( co-authored by her mum, Mrs Cecelia Odibo)

Emolen’s appreciation of life and every detail it embodies, made her keep a self made diary full of poems, memories, conversations with God and principles she applies in her daily life. Her predominant temperament kind  as a sanguine attracted  many people to her.

She considers herself a “Special  specie” and  this made her conquer the stigmatization that comes with having a “‘sickle cell trait”. On the 10th   day of  August  2017 we lost Mahuemolen to the cold hands of death as a result of what  we term   a “dereliction of duty of the medical professionals”

This necessitated the establishment of MAOF. The MAOF was established to ameliorate the dispensation of medical services in Nigeria. The sad narrative of loosing a gem, wouldn’t have been so if the guiding principles of Accountability, transparency and prompt delivery of health care services had been priotized.

It is out of this innate feeling of lending a voice to the helpless and feeble minded, , that a foundation as  this has sprung up.