The program kick started with an opening prayer. An introduction of members of staff of the University of Lagos Medical Centre, Students, Invitees and members of the Mahuemolen Aduke Odibo Foundation followed up. The Founder, Mrs. Cecilia Odibo presented her speech in which she expressed her sadness concerning the recent news of medical negligence making rounds on social media, she commented that it is still the same old story, no positive changes whatsoever in the medical sphere, and more and more people lose their lives to poor medical attention. She further went on to shed light as to the Mission, vision, objective and activities of the Foundation. She condemned the  Nigerian Medical and Dental Council for not having lived up to expectations and also that their core duties and responsibilities have dwindled over the past years as Mahuemolen Aduke Odibo is yet to get justice. She said the Foundation was founded to turn the pain of the loss of Mahuemolen Aduke Odibo, who was a promising 400level student of UNILAG to advocacy for good medical care and therefore created to ensure no one lack oxygen while in the hospital because that was the very equipment Mahuemolen was denied of while she was in the Hospital. She expressed her joy that the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria had passed the Tertiary Hospital Development Fund Bill on the 5th of October 2021 for the rehabilitation, restoration and consolidation of Tertiary Bill Healthcare in Nigeria, which will also provide and maintain infrastructure required for tertiary healthcare service delivery, health research, staff training and development across the country. However, she implored on the Federal Government to ensure that transparency and accountability is guaranteed when the bill is fully realized into law. She concluded by appreciating the University of Lagos Medical Centre for the privilege given to the Foundation to present its donation items.

The next agenda was an observation of a minute silence for Mahuemolen Aduke Odibo, followed by a speech delivered by Professor  Rotimi Jaiyesimi, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, United Kingdom, who spoke on the practice of medicine and the safety of patients. In his speech he emphasized on the trust placed in healthcare professionals and that no patient expects to come to harm while under the care of professionals in hospitals. Professionals are trained and acquire knowledge and skills required to practice safely. No health care professional leaves home with the intent of causing harm to patients, however some patients have been exposed to harm in the course of receiving medical care. He also stated that Medical error is the third commonest cause of death in the USA. He further stated that patients are customers and without them the services of healthcare professionals will not be required. He likened Patients to kings who must receive the utmost quality care. It is important that patients are treated with respect and dignity by all members of the health team.
Commenting on the quality of care to be delivered to patients, he insisted that the quality must be of high standards. This will be achieved through the provision of ‘The Right Care at the Right Time in the Right Setting by the Right Personnel’. He stated that Healthcare professionals must understand the need to learn from clinical errors and not to be defensive or hide such errors. He averred that it is the responsibility of the hospitals to ensure that they employ adequately trained personnel. Individual and team performances must be assessed and poorly performing individuals or teams managed appropriately. He asserted that the effect of poor health management is that the healthcare professional is at risk of sanctions by the Courts or Regulatory body such as the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria of Nursing and Midwifery Council. On commenting on organizational liability he stated that hospitals can be found guilty of negligence in situations where the negligence is due to organisational failures.
He further highlighted areas in which Medical errors can be reduced, which is through:

Ø  Continuous Professional Development

Ø  Working within your area of expertise

Ø  Working effectively as a Team

Ø  Incident Reporting and objective Root Cause Analysis

Ø  Learning from mistakes

On the effect of medical negligence, he stated that people are left without husbands/wives and children, while financial compensation does not replace the loss of a family member. He reiterated that healthcare professionals have a duty of care to keep patients safe. The safety of every Nigerian is paramount and not negotiable. He emphasized that the Nigerian healthcare professional bodies, Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria, and other regulators must step up to meet the objectives of the Legislative Acts setting them up to ensure Nigerian patients are kept safe and erring professionals receive the appropriate sanctions. He further stated that the foundation has contributed medical equipment to health facilities to ensure the availability of essential materials. In conclusion, he urged everyone present to support the foundation to place it in a good position to continue to support hospitals and to help victims of medical negligence. He further stated that, people should not see the advocacy for best health practice as against Healthcare practitioners because failure to uphold patient safety will also affect a healthcare practitioner who is a potential patient and it is the same healthcare service available that will use used to treat him or her.


The Founder, MAOF, Mrs Odibo gave a background story of Mahuemolen’s craft works, how she was an Angel living with her unrecognised, how she tried to encourage her to concentrate more on her studies rather than craftwork, how Mahuemolen used patry sums of #500 to #1500, #5000.00  realised from the sales to do charitable works by donating to charitable homes, how she made Ankara fabrics customised bags and items which the foundation had carried on as her legacy. She further implore everyone present to patronise the sales of the SAZBAG  design as a certain percentage (25%) of sales is given back to the Foundation.

The next on the agenda was the presentation of oxygen gas in the foundation brand Cylinder and other branded items which was presented by Mrs. Cecilia Odibo and Professor Rotimi Jaiyesinmi to the Director of health services of the University of Lagos Medical Center, Dr. Coker Olayinka and Head of nursing unit of the University of Lagos Medical Center, Mrs. Hanna Vincent. The Director of health services, Dr. Coker Olayinka thanked the Foundation for its donation. While Mrs. Hanna Vincent commended the Foundation on the initiative to move the healthcare system forward, that the gesture was timely for the medical centre, especially at fighting pandemic in the Nation’s healthcare due to shortage of Medical Oxygen. She therefore requested that the Foundation should consider organizing its medico-legal seminar for the staff of University of Lagos Medical Center as such will go a long way in sensitizing the medical personnel on how to handle patients.


A Questions and comments were entertained from the staff of the University of Lagos Medical Center, Students and invitees. A Group photographs(Members of MAOF, Students, Invitees & staff of UNILAG Medical Center was taken.  The program came to an end with vote of thanks and a closing prayer by Miss Sholarin Shola. Afterwhich the Foundation members embarked on Visitation and Interaction with patients at the UNILAG Medical Center.